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Controller Repairs

If you have a Hammant and Morgan controller which is not operating correctly we can help. Use this contact button to tell us about your problem and we will tell you how we can quickly get you running smoothly. Alternatively give us a call on 07393 484 370.
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    Enclosures for building your own controllers

  • PWM Speed Control Modules

    Ready assembled and tested PWM speed control modules

    PWM Control Module Selection 
  • Switches for every application

    Mini Toggle Switches for point and power control. Rotary switches for diection selection (polarity reversal)

    Switch Shop 
  • Hardware

    Knobs. Chocolate block, terminal connector - nuts and bolts. Solder tag strip etc

    Smoothflow Hardware 
  • Smoothflow Kits. Complete sets of parts

    All the components your need to assemble a model railway controller.

    Smoothflow Kits 
  • Panel Mounting LEDs and Meters

    Panel mounting LEDs. Red Blue Green and Amber. Panel mounting Ammeters and Voltmeters

    LEDs and Meters 
  • Plug top power supply

    Also known as 'wall mounted power supply' this is a 12v DC supply of 1.5 amps.
    Supplied with a 'free' panel mounting female socket to fit the mail plug which is fitted (5.5 X 2.1-2.5mm).

    Plugtop Power Supply 
  • Hammant and Morgan Pre-owned Controllers

    Previously owned Duettes, Clippers etc all fully guaranteed

    Hamman and Morgan Controllers 
  • Terminal Connector Nuts

    Fit all Hammant and Morgan controllers as well as Hornby 900/901 series, Triang-Rovex P5 series and Scalextric C919 power units

    Terminal Nuts 
  • Digital Multimeter

    • The only meter you'll ever need.
    • Measures Volts, Amps, Ohms.
    • It Buzzes - (Continuity tester)
    • Test leads included
    • Battery included.
      £9.25 (+£1.50 P&P)
    Digital Multimeter 
  • Controller Connection Range

    PWM Controllers, kits and components.

    Hook-up wire, rectifiers,

    circuit breakers, Knobs

    Controller Connection Range 
  • Point Motor Control Cable

    3 core coloured keyed cable.
    Convenient three core wire to power point motors
    5 Meter lengths (about 16ft)

    Point control cable 
  • Hornby P9000w

    19v Plugtop Adapter. Works with Hornby R8250 and R7229 speed controllers.
    £4.99 (+ p&p)

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  • Hammant and Morgan Spares and components

    A range of useful parts to keep your H & M controller functioning

    H & M Spares and Parts 
  • Feedback - Customer Comments

    SLIGHT Technical Glitch - Currently Unavailable.

    Customer Comments 
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