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Hammant and Morgan innards
It is rare, but sometimes Hammant and Morgan controllers do develop faults.
So if you need your Duette, Clipper or other H&M controller repairing, we are happy to help.
Initially, you can use the contact button 
Or send an email to or call 07393 484 370.

Tell us which controller you have, and what the problem is.
We will promptly get back to you with a solution to quickly, and affordably fix the problem.

The address to send your controller:
NEW ADDRESS from 24th November
Handem Repairs
4 Woodbank
LE10 2BY

Packing your controller:
If you have the original box that's great, but if you don't, generally speaking, even a Duette will fit inside a shoebox, but please use plenty of packing material to prevent the unit moving about inside.
Many sheets of newspaper, rolled into balls works fine.

The plug!
If your controller is in good condition, you will not want it scratching by the pins on a 13a plug.
You can either remove the plug completely, or put plenty of packing around it.
Try to avoid the plug coming in direct contact with the controller.
(That is a recipe for disaster!)

And please don't forget to put a note inside the box with your name, return address and email address.

Hammant and Morgan controllers, weights:
The Duette weighs about 2.3 kilos when it's boxed up.
The Clipper is about 1.8 kilos boxed.
Powermaster is 2.9 kilos in its original box (so well over 3 kilos when properly packed).
DC controllers weigh 540 Gms, so just under 1 kilo when boxed and packed.