Why would you buy a forty year old controller ?

Why would you buy a forty year old controller ?
Two words: Reliability and Value

(And you could add the words 'style' and 'responsibility')

When the Hammant and Morgan Duette was first marketed in the 1960s it was not cheap. Retailing at 96 shillings (that's almost five pounds) it was not within everyone's reach.
Today the same unit sells for about £50, for a tidy, fully functioning, rust free example.
A 'fine' example in near mint condition can be bought for less than £70.
Not many electro-mechanical devices from the seventies can show that sort of appreciation.

If you need a two circuit model railway controller you have 3 main possibilities:
Gaugemaster build great controllers, no question. And built in Britain.
The pressed steel cases suggest that the products have a long working life.
Gaugemaster do in fact guarantee their controllers for life (subject to a few conditions).

Market leaders Hornby import two-circuit controllers from China. The HM2000  outsells everything. But it's not as  inexpensive as the plasic mass produced case suggests it should be, and arguably the multiple components inside have not shown the greatest reliability.
There's a reason Hornby badge their products as HM; It is because the Hammant and Morgan name is synonymous with reliability and quality.

Not everyone wants to spend a large wedge of cash on a device to vary the speed of their trains. But most people want a piece of equipment with the likelihood of a reasonably long working life, without any problems.
That's why Hammant and Morgan's simple, strong design represents the best possible investment.
Hammant and Morgan Duette

Hammant and Morgan - The Ethical choice.
In these green days, what could be more responsible than buying a previously owned controller? Tested and guaranteed.
If you want to limit your impact on the planet - it's the only option.
And when you've finished with it, you can pass it on to your children and grand children.

You can find more information about the H & M Duette here www.Autotherm.co.uk

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Jim Hibbert

i would love to have one of these controllers but Im not sure of the total cost. I do agree they are tops for running my hornby dublo 3 rail track.


i would love to have one of these controllers but Im not sure of the total cost. I do agree they are tops for running my hornby dublo 3 rail track.

Doug Moerschfelder

All of the components inside the Duette can be relatively easily replaced.
Unusual to hear a Duette with no output at all, the only common part to both channels is the transformer and the mains lead.
(As you will see, the transformer has two secondary windings one for each side).

The Duette was built to last, and when you find and fix the problem no doubt it will give you (sorry, I meant your grandchildren) many years of enjoyment


Good afternoon. I’m in the process of building a Hornby Dublo 3 rail layout. (For my grandchildren, obviously). I’ve managed to get some H&M controllers including a Duette. For various reasons I would like to use the Duette but it doesn’t work. I’m an ex helicopter engineer and ex digital printing engineer and still fairly competent at fixing and soldering lot’s of stuff but I’m looking at the Duette and wondering if it’s worth fixing. It’s not corroded, scratched or battered and my local model shop has just given it to me for free. I’m going to drill off the four rivet heads tomorrow and take a look inside. Are replacement bit’s available?

John P

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