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I just like to comment that I’ve just received a multipack DC controller to add to my dual and I didn’t realise you existed so very pleased to have found you and with the second hand controller you have supplied me. I have had the dual for more years than I care to remember 😊

Rob Wright

No reason why not, David.
The revolutionary Hammant and Morgan Multipack concept allows you to neatly interconnect any number of controllers.


Will a 12v Multipack controller fit onto the side of Clipper power control unit and could that, in turn take a six way accessory controller?
I have a CU1 12V controller as well. Do you buy these?
Thank you,

David Kelley

Good a fternoon Andrew I have just reeived an e mail from another member of the 2 rail section HRCA Bristol and Somerset Chris Castleman He is very happy with your repairs and costs
I wonder whether it would be possiblle to send a Hornby H&M 4000 dual controller for you to have a look at Kind regards Jim

Jim Roach

Afternoon! Do you also check/repair Codar Controllers? With many thanks, Robert

Robert George

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