Welcome Johnny Foreigner - The Handem Export Page.

It is entirely understandable that you want to obtain Hammant and Morgan pre-owned equipment, and spares even though you do not live in Great Britain.
Hammant and Morgan Duette

Handem.UK  is happy to export to the rest of Europe, the US even Australia and Kiwiland.
As the cost of carriage to these places fluctuates, and there are simply so many countries in the world, the best thing to do is, send an email (you can use the 'contact us' page), and say what you would like, and exactly where you need it sending.
You will then receive a manually generated  draft invoice showing the lowest (economy) shipping costs.

Of course if you want something in a hurry you can request extra fast delivery.
air mail

Guide Prices.
Hammant & Morgan Clipper,
tracked delivery to Norway £15.00
Family Pack of Banana Plugs (10 items) to Canada or Anywhere in Europe  £4.90
Pair of H & M resistance mats to Adelaide  £4.00
Duettes, Powermasters and AC60s are all over 2 Kg, please request a price.